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Comodo IceDragonComodo IceDragon 48 is an easy, secure and functional Internet Browser. It is designed and constructed on the core features of the Mozilla Firefox web browser. Also it has Facebook integration and infused with Comodo’s unparalleled standard of safety.

IceDragon’s committed social networking key allows you to immediately share your web-finds together with your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn friends.

IceDragon features several tweaks to your core Firefox build to boost both protection and performance. These generally include removing crash report and gratification information submissions, removing the snippets service.

IceDragon functions a sleek screen that can help you get smooth browsing knowledge. The web browser maintains exact same core functionality of Firefox however with some extra safety functions eg Comodo Secure DNS and Site Inspector.

IceDragon is totally appropriate for Firefox plug-ins and extensions. It integrates the freedom and functionality of Firefox with the unrivaled safety and privacy of Comodo.

SiteInspector malware checking technology

SiteInspector’s link checking feature enables you to examine whether a web page is harmful just before in fact see that web page. To scan a page that appears suspicious for your requirements, simply right-click from the url to that web page and then click ‘Scan Link’. Alternatively, the SiteInspector key at the top spot of IceDragon enables you to immediately scan the web page you are looking at to find out if it contains viruses or any other spyware. Whenever scan is full, you’ll see reveal break down of website security, domain registration details, administrative contacts and a history of earlier spyware scans on that internet site.

Safe DNS service

IceDragon users may also make use of Comodo’s Domain Name System (DNS) hosts, free. Doing this brings about a few advantages, including:

  • Web-pages load quicker. Comodo work a big system of fully redundant DNS computers positioned at optimal areas all over the world. This means your demands for web-pages are often solved because of the high end DNS cluster nearest for you. Thus, websites load quicker than if you continue using the DNS host supplied by your ISP (which you give all of their some other clients).
  • A safer Web experience. SecureDNS helps users hold safe on line having its malware domain filtering feature. SecureDNS references a real-time block list (RBL) of harmful internet sites. These generally include phishing websites, malware sites, spyware internet sites, and parked domains that have exorbitant advertising. The internet browser will warn you if you make an effort to access a site containing these types of potentially harmful content.

Comodo IceDragon Main properties:

  • Fast, user friendly and light on Computer resources
  • Scan web-pages for spyware right from the browser
  • Lightning fast page loads with built-in DNS service
  • Privacy and performance improvements over Firefox core
  • Full compatibility with Firefox plug-ins

Changes in Comodo IceDragon 48:

  • Firefox rule base has been updated to 48

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Size: 54.9 MB

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