Does your friend’s computer have a virus? Help him away!


360 ​​Connect360 Total Security How many times did a friend or family member ask for a hand to reset the PC? And how often was there a distance, albeit small, that made the operation difficult? Have you ever tried using 360 Total Security?

We’ve found that 360 Total Security , as well as being a good antivirus for Windows, also has this very useful option: it lets you remotely access the PC from your phone , allowing you to scan and resolve viruses. If the PC is not right at hand, it is a very useful feature.

To run 360 Total Security remotely, just use the mobile app 360 Connect. Here are all the steps to follow.

How to scan your PC remotely with 360 Connect

  1. Install and configure 360 ​​Connect on your smartphone

Download 360 Connect. It is available for both Android and iOS . Install the app and follow the steps that will be shown for your registration.

360 ​​Connect

2. Synchronize your phone with your computer

So it’s time to connect the smartphone to the PCs you want to repair. To do this you have to open 360 Total Security on the PC you want to associate with and go to the Tools> 360 Connect option.

Here, you need to enter the number of your Android phone. You will now receive an authorization request on your phone. Once accepted, computers and smartphones will be connected.

You can do this with up to 5 PCs. For example, you can connect to your computer, to your parents, to your friend …

360 ​​Connect

3. Use 360 ​​Total Security from your phone

Once you have completed the connection, you only have to ask the owner of the PC that you need to turn on the device. By doing this, you can manage from your smartphone all the 360 ​​Total Security options: Speed ​​up your PC, scan for viruses and clean up your system.360 Connect

When you’re done, you can send a message from the same app to alert the person you’ve finished.

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