Total Commander 9.12 RC4 Download For Windows


Total Commander is a replacement for the Windows file explorer that adds several useful ideas, such as viewing two folders at once (ideal for transferring files and folders) or connecting to FTP servers.


The way in which Total Commander replaces the file browser is allowing you to open several instances of the program , similar to the typical windows of this application.

In the upper part you will see all the ways of viewing the folders, and in the upper menus you can access all the functions of the program, although you also have keyboard shortcuts .

The right button , on the other hand, activates contextual features of Total Commander, such as access to higher folders, rename, compression or decompression of files.


The aspect of Total Commander is not exactly modern; in some sections you can even remember Windows 95 windows.

However, its great advantage lies in its versatility. Virtually all Total Commander options can be placed in the toolbar so you can leave the program to your liking.


There are many more programs that replace the file explorer, such as Free Commander or Multi Commander . However, we believe that Total Commander is one of the best, and that’s why you should try it.


  • Unicode support complete
  • Supports files with names greater than 259 characters
  • Quick search
  • New file association system

All Features of Total-commander

Changes in version 9.12:

Homepage –

Size: 4.16 MB

Download Total-commander 9.12 RC4 32-bit

Download Total-commander 9.12 RC4 64-bit

Download TotalCommander 9.10 x86 Stable

Download TotalCommander 9.10 x64 Stable

Download Installer for normal USB sticks

Download Installer for special U3 sticks

Download for Android

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