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F-Secure Client SecurityF-Secure Client Security is a centrally managed, complete security solution for businesses. It provides an intelligent way to protect corporate workstations and laptops against all threats.

F-Secure Client Security is award-winning endpoint protection for PCs running the Windows operating system. It’s much more than just Anti-Virus. This complete security package includes antivirus, antispyware, rootkit scanning, firewall and behavior monitoring.

Laptops and desktops are the doors to your network. As such, they are the most vulnerable link in the cyber security chain. There’s no doubt about it: you need the best endpoint security solution available. F-Secure Client Security is proactive, heuristic protection against the latest emerging threats.

F-Secure Client Security has won the AV-Test “Best Protection” award four years in a row. It is uniquely able to provide impenetrable protection against all online threats while minimizing impact on system performance. Endpoint protection is at the core of cyber security, and this is the best of the best.

  • Get award-winning, multi-layer security for desktops and laptops
  • Keep OS and third party software patch up-to-date
  • Enjoy complete protection with minimal impact on system performance
  • Protect your company against 0-day vulnerabilities with DeepGuard, F-Secure proactive on-host protection engine

F-Secure Client Security also saves you time with automatic patch management and boosts employee productivity with web browsing controls.

  • Control web access to protect your network and improve productivity
  • Block selected applications from unknown sites to enhance security
  • Enjoy automatically augmented security for online banking and other business-critical transactions

Complete with automated software updates, F-Secure Client Security provides the ultimate endpoint protection against known vulnerabilities. This is software that has earned AV-Test’s Best Protection Award four years in a row.

F-Secure Client Security Features:

  • SOFTWARE UPDATER. Keep Windows and third party software patched and up-to-date
  • DEEPGUARD. F-Secure proactive on-host protection engine
  • WEB CONTENT CONTROL. Improve security and productivity by controlling access to websites
  • CONNECTION CONTROL. Boost security for sensitive activities like online banking
  • F-SECURE SECURITY CLOUD. Gain immediate protection against emerging threats discovered worldwide
  • MULTI-ENGINE ANTI-MALWARE. Get unmatched protection against viruses, Trojans, rootkits and other malware
  • ADVANCED PROTECTION. Gain advanced protection against selected file types from unknown sites
  • BROWSING PROTECTION. Ensure safe and efficient online work
  • FIREWALL AND INTRUSION PREVENTION. Guard against malicious network activities with this extra layer of protection
  • DEVICE CONTROL. Prevent malware infections via USB

Supported Operating Systems: Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit, 64-bit).

What’s new in F-Secure Client Security 12.20:

  • Support to download software updates from Policy Manager

    • Starting from version 12.20, Policy Manager supports distributing software updates to managed endpoints. Hosts use Policy Manager as the primary source of updates and fall back to the vendor’s side if necessary.
  • Password-protected uninstallation
    • Administrator can set an uninstallation password for managed hosts, which can be configured via polices from the Settings > Centralized management view.

Note: This Client Security version requires Policy Manager 12.20.

Homepage – https://www.f-secure.com/en/web/business_global/products/client-security

Size: 91.8 MB

Download F-Secure Client Security 12.10 Trial

Download F-Secure Client Security Premium 12.10 Trial

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