Google Chrome 63.0.3239.52 Beta Download For Windows ,Mac ,Android


Google ChromeGoogle Chrome is a fast, always updated web browser with a minimal interface. It is in US, integrates Adobe Flash Player, a PDF reader, and supports the installation of themes and extensions.


There is no search engine bar in Chrome: there is Omnibox , which allows you to search the web by writing directly to the address bar. Omnibox also offers intelligent auto-completion features and search features within your history.

Google Chrome creates an independent process for each open card. The advantage is clear: Blocking (for any reason) of one of the tabs does not cause the whole browser to paralyze.

Google Chrome integrates Adobe Flash Player by default (you will not need to install the separate plug-in), fully supports HTML5, and provides voice recognition features.

It also includes form fill, zoom, integrated PDF reader , favorite synchronization, and drag tab function for parallel display of two tabs.

From version 28, Chrome introduces a new and advanced notification system that allows you to easily receive and interact with Google services such as Gmail, Google Plus, and so on.


Usability is one of Chrome’s strong points. The browser is in Italian, the interface is minimal and customizable with themes and extensions available on the Chrome Web Store

Click on the start-page with the grid of the most visited sites and the Applications menu that gives you quick access to your favorite web apps.


Chrome is a light, stable and powerful browser, but above all it is the fastest web browser in uploading pages.


Google Chrome is among the best browsers in circulation. Fast and perfect for those who prefer ease of use.


  • Safe Browsing has been improved. Chrome will automatically block phishing pages and malware sites. Additionally, it will show an alert when downloading software that contains viruses and therefore is dangerous to the user.


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