KeePass Password Safe 2017 Review


KeePass Password Safe 2017 reviewKeePass Password Safe is one of the first-class recognized password managers thank you, at the least in element, to the fact that there are versions to be had for pretty much every operating gadget, such as unofficial mobile ports.

It’s a password database that can be used to keep passwords for web sites and packages, as well as notes. The database is encrypted and either protected with both a password or a protection report to preserve your details from prying eyes.

When it comes to entering your stored passwords, you have got multiple alternatives. You can really reproduction and paste from KeePass Password Safe (there’s no browser integration, regrettably) or use hotkeys to cause them. Sadly, there is no form-filling feature, and you will additionally must spend time manually compiling your database as there is no manner to pull in information out of your browser or other programs.

There’s a huge variety of extensions to be had for KeePass Password Safe. The program is distinctly powerful in its raw form, but there are dozens of methods to add even greater competencies, or tweak it to paintings higher with different software.

User experience

As robust and characteristic-packed as KeePass is, there is no escaping its unintuitive design. The interface is a long way from attractive, and the manual password entry is time-eating. It’s honestly designed with the greater technically willing in thoughts, and that is a disgrace for less experienced customers.

With a chunk of work and a new look, KeePass Password Safe could have severe mass-enchantment. As it stands though, it is a powerful application whose advantages will handiest be felt by individuals who are willing to discover ways to make it work for them.

Where to download:

Type: Password manager

Developer: Dominik Reichl

Operating system: Windows, macOS, Linux

Version: 2

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