Mozilla Firefox 58.0 Beta 4 (Quantum) Download


Mozilla Firefox is a free browser with many features and customization options, excellent operation and extensive support for privacy.

All the necessary features

Firefox integrates a wide range of default features that can be expanded through a supplied addon catalog . It offers cardboard navigation (recognizable), and a system of search engines integrated and easily customizable.

From home, users have access to a Google search field and a direct access list for downloaded downloads, favorite pages, history, addons, sync, and options. It also includes basic features such as spell checker, integrated PDF reader, Geo location functions, read mode to read without distractions, integration with Pocket and more.

As for security, there is an anti-phishing blocking mechanism (popup), an anti-phishing filter, and various options to protect your privacy .

In addition to the classic incognito navigation mode, Mozilla Firefox allows you to choose not to be “monitored” by the sites you visit and gives you the option to see who you are watching with Light beam. Firefox, in fact, offers its users this system that controls the reliability of the visited pages and verifies that the connection is secure. Security updates are automatic, so you can ensure effective and up-to-date protection against new threats.

100% customizable

One of the great benefits of Firefox is the ability to adapt to each user. This looks like the myriad of customization options that give the browser the look and the organization you want, including the recent introduction of push notifications from your favorite sites.

First, there are various themes available to modify the interface as desired. Then the most used tools and features can be organized according to your needs.

Addons are another excellent way to adapt the navigator to your needs and multiply your features. There are some like Adblock Plus or Video Download Helper that in your Firefox can not miss it.

Do not forget in this list Firefox Hello , a chat-like Hangouts-based chat service, based on the WebRTC protocol. To use it, you will not need any additional plugins . Firefox Hello lets you comfortably send your friends to the page you’re visiting.

From version 35, Firefox lets you access Firefox Marketplace , its extensions store, from your toolbar.

One of the best browsers

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers, and it is no coincidence. It’s complete with features, it’s reliable, flexible and offers everything you need to surf the Internet in the best possible conditions.

The recent introduction of Hello, his Mozilla internal chat service, has allowed you to send instant messages and keep in touch with your friends from your browser. Great news and great added value for a classic of navigation.

What’s New in Firefox 58 Beta:

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Size: 34.7 MB

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