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NetWorx is a simple and no-cost, however powerful device that will help you objectively evaluate your bandwidth circumstance. You need to use it to get data transfer use information and assess the rate of the Internet or any other community link.

NetWorx will allow you to identify possible sources of system issues, make sure that you do not surpass the bandwidth restrictions specified by your Internet Service Provider, or locate dubious network task feature of Trojan ponies and hacker attacks. The program enables you to monitor any network contacts or a specific community connection (such Ethernet or PPP) just.

The program in addition features a system of very customizable aesthetic and sound alerts. You can easily set it up to alert you if the network link is down or whenever some suspicious activity, such as for instance unusually hefty data flow, occurs. It can also instantly disconnect all dial up contacts and power down the system.

Utilizing NetWorx, the inbound and outbound traffic is represented on a range chart and signed to a file, so that you can always view statistics regarding your everyday, regular and monthly data transfer usage and dialup period. The reports could be exported to a number of formats, particularly HTML, MS term and Excel, for further analysis.

NetWorx Key Features:

  • Clear graphic and/or numeric screen.Softexia Screenshot
  • Usage reports, exportable to a number of file formats, including Excel, MS term and HTML.
  • Close supervision of uploads and downloads.
  • Support of dial-up, ISDN, cable modems, ADSL, Ethernet cards, and much more.
  • Network information and testing resources with advanced netstat that shows applications utilizing your net connection.
  • Options to notify the user or immediately disconnect from the Internet whenever system task surpasses a specific degree.
  • Speed meter to precisely time downloads and report the typical transfer rates.
  • Dial-up session log with step-by-step information on every session.
  • Absolutely no-cost and does not include any adware, malware or malware.

With NetWorx you’ll …

  • Find aside and monitor how fast your Internet connection is.
  • Find away and monitor how much Internet traffic you take in.
  • Verify whether your Internet Service Provider fees your Internet consumption fairly.
  • Detect a suspicious community activity on the computer.
  • Perform quick network tests such as ping and trace path.
  • Be informed about excessive Internet usage.

Supported platforms: Windows XP – Microsoft windows 10 (32-bit, 64-bit).

Changes in NetWorx 6.0.4 (2017-10-30):

  • Fixed preserving graph presence on Microsoft windows 10+
  • Fixed a memory drip whenever looking up geo-IP information in Netstat.
  • Fixed wrong consumption regarding the graph after waking up from sleep.

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Size: 5.94 MB

Download for Windows

Download Portable for house windows

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