Opera 50.0.2762.9 Beta Download For Windows ,Mac ,Linux


Opera is a free web browser with great performance: it’s fast, easy to use, meets the latest web standards, and has a lot of extra features. One of its most famous features is the synchronization of bookmarks , which allows you to open favorite sites from any device you access. It has fewer users than Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox and Firefox Microsoft Edge , but has nothing to envy its competitors and is always at the forefront of technology.

A web browser rich in intelligent features

The fact that it is a feature-rich browser does not hurt its speed, which remains among the highest in the web. Among the most important features, as mentioned earlier, there is synchronization, which allows you to save and share bookmarks on any device (PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.). Also interesting is Speed ​​Dial, the option through which you can view a thumbnail of your favorite pages before opening them “full screen”. Extensions store is also packed with utilities that can improve navigation experience: that of additional packages is definitely not a novelty introduced by this software (Chrome and Firefox, for example, have long since done so), but Opera has the thanks to having made the installation procedure much simpler. Additionally, for those who share the PC with other people and do not want to keep track of their navigation, Opera Software offers the ability to surf in incognito, allowing access to sites that are blocked on Italian soil. The great novelty introduced by this web browser is navigation with integrated VPN, which guarantees greater security, and there is also a download manager that manages the files downloaded from the internet. Additionally, if your data network is particularly slow, you can start from the Opera Turbo main menu, a variant of Opera Software that compresses the heaviest images and weights of the web, making navigation much more fluid.

Easy to use and easy to handle

Despite having an impressive number of additional options, Opera does not lose its simplicity. Compared with the previous versions, the design has been completely refurbished, with more space reserved for the content of web pages and a smaller bar for the various options, beating the same way already undertaken by competing programs. If users are limited to standard navigation, the program is very easy to use. However, less experienced users may be in trouble with the options menu, given the vastness of the latter. The engine used for web browsing is Chromium, the same as Google Chrome, and is therefore in line with the latest web standards. When uploading the pages, this software demonstrates great stability and excellent rendering of images.


Opera Software is a web browser that has everything to be like competition: it’s fast, easy to use, and offers a lot of navigation options. The more space afforded by the content makes it a browser open to the new dynamics of the web, and boasts a team of excellent cartoon developers

Changes in version 50.0.2762.9 Beta:


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