Registry First Aid 11.2.0 Build 2542 – Award Winning Windows Registry Repair


Registry First Aid scans and corrects registry mistakes. Your Windows registry may be constantly neat and proper. Registry First Aid scans registry for orphan file or folder sources, invalid font sources, outdated Start Menu things, invalid fonts, provided DLLs, application routes and much more…

Registry First Aid scans the Windows registry for orphan file or folder sources, locates all of them on the drives that could have now been relocated from their particular preliminary areas. And then corrects your registry entries to fit the positioned data or files.

A convenient device for handling registry mistakes, finding invalid entries and correcting all of them, so as to keep your pc working at top overall performance

Note: Some anti-malware programs might trigger notifications for Registry FIrst Aid. Our examinations demonstrate why these tend to be, in reality, untrue positives, therefore it is safe to download and run this program.

Registry First Aid is an application application that may identify and fix any issues present in your Windows registry entries, which means that your computer system will run smoother.

The Interface of the scheduled program is simple to navigate through. You can check the registry for errors or compress it.

Furthermore, you can search the registry for a particular key, manage it, take snapshots to view the “before'” and “after” registry status, create a full backup, as well as restore backups from a REG file or from a full backup.

So, the program can search for registry errors found in invalid paths and file associations, fonts, obsolete start menu items, application paths, help files, shared DLLs, and others.

You can set Registry First Aid to check the machine and all the user registry files or only the ones on the user that is current along with allow the solution to develop complete backups before scanning (in a particular time-interval) also to produce a system restore point (in case anything fails afterwards). Plus, you’ll keep an entry without switching it, erase it or cut the sub string.

In inclusion, you’ll handle programs that immediately operate at system startup, uninstall programs by finding their particular registry entry, arrange the “Open with..” dialog and Internet Explorer products (example. helper objects, pubs), and much more.

In “Advanced Settings”, you’ll restrict the scan by the amount of mistakes, find the program language, generate exclusion listings for strings and registry secrets, put routes to exclude whenever checking for modifications, allow the tool to quietly look for changes, routine registry scans, tailor colors, as well as others.

The system occupies a low-to-moderate level of system sources, includes a comprehensive assistance file with snapshots, rapidly completes a checking, cleansing and compressing task, and did not frost, crash or pop up errors during our examinations.

Since our final analysis, Registry First Aid has definitely stepped up its online game.

In inclusion, if the registry has actually backlinks to data of erased programs, Registry First Aid will see these invalid entries and take away all of them from your own registry.

With Registry First Aid, your Windows registry may be constantly neat and proper. That assists your programs load quicker and quickening your personal computer.

Not all pc software un-installations perform a job that is complete behind numerous nagging file references in the Windows registry pointing to files that no longer exist. In time, you can end up with hundreds of these files that may slow your computer down and cause software to lock up, needing a difficult reboot of the computer system.

Also, You can break the file links that a program needs if you’ve moved your programs from one drive to another. Registry First Aid will find these files and folders that you’ve moved on your hard drive and help you correct the registry entries that point to them.

Registry First Aid allows you to:

  • find and correct:
      • invalid file/folder references
      • invalid font entries
      • obsolete Start Menu items
      • invalid application paths
      • invalid registered help files
      • invalid shared DLL references
      • invalid program references in auto run registry keys
      • obsolete and unused software registry entries
      • invalid known DLL registry references
      • invalid file associations
  • search the registry for several strings at once
  • defragment registry files
  • create registry snapshots, find changes made to the registry and create “undo” and “redo” files for any modified registry key
  • review folders where invalid registry keys refer
  • review registry entries with RegEdit where invalid items reside
  • create full registry backups before any changes, so you can always restore only modified entries
  • restore any particular modified registry entry to its initial state
  • search for a modified registry entry in all backup files
  • save the list of found invalid entries into a text file
  • print the list of found invalid entries
  • schedule automatic registry scan

Platinum version also allows to control auto-run programs, installed software, “Open With..” dialog, Browser Helper Objects (BHO), Internet Explorer menus and toolbars.

( so you can always restore your Windows registry to its initial state

  • create small registry backups of modified registry entries,***********************************************) OS:

Windows XP – Windows 10 (32-bit, 64-bit).


Changes in Registry First Aid 11.2.0:

  • Bugfix: for a hi-DPI screen the program remembered incorrect width and level;
  • On loading, this program today monitors it’s window coordinates to never meet or exceed display top and remaining, circumference and level (summary of all of the tracks);
  • Bugfix: last compression time wasn’t recalled;
  • Registry Search screen today includes scrolling and splitter to resize your options framework (required if huge fonts chosen when it comes to displays);
  • Some aesthetic improvements


Size: 8.79 MB


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