SRWare Iron 52.2750.0 browser Download For Windows


SRWare IronSRWare Iron is a free of charge and open-source browser of the future, in line with the free Source code “Chromium”. It gives the same features as Chrome, but minus the important points that the privacy issue.

SRWare Iron primarily is designed to eliminate consumption monitoring as well as other privacy compromising functionality the Google Chrome browser includes.

While Iron cannot offer extra privacy when compared with Chromium, it does disable some configurable Chromium features that may share information with 3rd functions.

Google’s browser Chrome thrilled with an exceptionally fast web site rendering, a sleek design and revolutionary functions. But inaddition it gets critic from information security specialists, for reasons eg creating a distinctive user ID or the submitting of entries to Google to generate suggestions. SRWare Iron is an actual option.

Comparism of SRWare Iron and Google Chrome at privacy:

Installation-ID – cannot exist in Iron

A copy of Google Chrome includes a generated set up quantity that will be delivered to Google after the installation and very first consumption. It gets deleted when Chrome monitors first time for changes. If Chrome is obtained included in a promotional promotion, it may generate a unique promotion number that will be sent to Google regarding first run and first usage of Google Chrome.

Recommend – Does not exist in Iron

Depending on the configuration, any time you put something into the address range,this info is provided for Google to present suggestions.

Alternate Error Pages – will not exist in Iron

Depending on the configuration, for those who have typed an untrue target when you look at the adress club, this is sent to Google while have one message from Google’s hosts.

Mistake Reporting – doesn’t occur in Iron

Depending regarding configuration, information regarding crashes or failures tend to be delivered Google’s machines.

RLZ-Tracking – will not occur in Iron

This Chrome-function transmits information in encoded kind to Google, for instance, when and where Chrome is downloaded.

Google Updater – cannot occur in Iron

Chrome installs a updater, which loads at each Windows in back ground.

URL-Tracker – will not exist in Iron

Calls depending on the setup five moments after launch the Google homepage opens in background

Alterations in SRWare Iron 52.2750.0:

  • Installation of Extensions without Chrome Webstore possible (only in Iron!)
  • Bug-/Securityfixes

Homepage –

Size: 47.8 MB

Download for Windows 32-bit

Download for Windows 64-bit

Download Portable 32-bit

Download Portable 64-bit

Download for Linux (32-Bit)

Download for Linux (64-Bit)

Download for Mac OS X

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