Udeler Udemy Course Downloader 1.6.2 For Windows ,Mac ,Linux


Download Udeler 1.6.2Udeler Effortlessly grab Udemy video classes which you already subscribed to, to be able to produce an offline video collection, thanks to this app

Udemy is an online learning platform that provides users with a wide range of instructional videos in multiple domains, made by experts. If you’re a Udemy subscriber looking for a solution that is simple download classes and produce a video collection for traditional use, you are able to look to Udeler.

Before proceeding any additional, you need to know that Udeler is certainly not made to down load officially paid Udemy courses for free. It just detects the subscriptions you have currently meant to Udemy via your online internet browser. Udemy videos are typically viewed inside the internet browser, where there is a choice for getting the lecture that is current. This application merely speeds up the process and can also download entire courses at once.

Download instructional videos from Udemy

Following a fast setup operation that shouldn’t give you any trouble, you come face to face with a login panel where it’s necessary to enter your Udemy credentials to reach the main app window.

Subscriptions have to be made outside of this app because it doesn’t have a web that is built-in to explore the Udemy site and contribute to brand new programs. In the key screen, you should check all subscriptions out, including their description and thumbnail.

Download multiple courses at once and set the video quality

To download a specific course, you just have to click its corresponding download button. Worth mentioning is that Udeler is capable of downloading courses that are multiple when. You can later on locate them within the Windows “Downloads” folder, where training course lectures tend to be arranged in distinct files.

It’s feasible to alter the standard preserving directory also to pause and resume packages. Also, the system are instructed to down load just particular lectures through the training course (by establishing a variety) along with to choose the video that is preferred (depending on how the video was initially uploaded to Udemy). Logging into your Udemy account is mandatory each time you fire up Udeler.

Easy-to-use Udemy video downloader

All aspects considered, Udeler offers a simple and straightforward solution for downloading Udemy online courses to put together an offline video collection. However, there’s plenty of room for new features.


  • Choose video quality.
  • Download multiple courses at once.
  • Set Download Start and Download End.
  • Pause/Resume download at any time.
  • Choose download directory.
  • Multilingual (English,Italian,Spanish).


This software is intended to help you download Udemy courses for personal use only. Sharing the content of your courses that are subscribed purely restricted under Udemy Terms of Use. Each and each training course on Udemy is afflicted by copyright laws infringement. This pc software doesn’t magically install any compensated training course offered on Udemy, you’ll want to supply your Udemy login credentials to install the programs you’ve got signed up for. Udeler downloads the lecture video clips simply by utilising the supply of the movie player gone back to an individual by Udemy after correct verification, you may perform some manually that is same. Many download managers use same method to videos that are download a website. This application just automates the entire process of a person carrying this out manually inside a internet browser.


Platform Arch Version Link
Windows x64 1.6.2 Download
Windows x86 1.6.2 Download
Mac x64 1.6.2 Download
Linux x86_x64 1.6.2 Download


By standard the programs is installed to your customer’s Download folder. The structure needless to say content is maintained.

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