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Xperia Companion is the name of the free application that all Sony smartphone users must have installed on their PC. And is that, fundamentally, the work it does is to keep constantly updated the device in terms of software in a comfortable, fast and secure. But, in addition, it also offers the possibility of making backup copies and, even, of restoring or returning the device to its startup configuration and deleting all the stored content to resolve any incident.


All the features you may need in a simple tool

Xperia Companion is a very useful computer tool for you if you have a mobile phone or a tablet from the Sony firm belonging to the Xperia line. In short, this app is constantly linked to the servers of the Japanese firm to instantly provide the latest updates of the operating system it has installed and the software associated with it. Among many other utilities, this program allows you to synchronize the device with other equipment to transfer files, efficiently organize the content you have stored in your memory and explore in search of a certain multimedia content. For its part, this app also has the utility of allowing you to make backup copies of the device’s memory, restore the configuration and return it to the state it had on the day you purchased it from the store. It is compatible with all versions of Windows higher than 7 and needs 2 GB of RAM, 5 GB of hard disk space and a broadband Internet connection to operate.

An elegant, sophisticated and intuitive design like all those made by Sony

The design of this software is really simple, intuitive and pleasing to the eye. Fundamentally, white is the color chosen to support the base of this and, on it, details are placed in different colors that provide greater visibility. Once the program has been executed and your Xperia device has been linked to the computer through a compatible USB cable, a start menu will appear before you, giving you all the possibilities at your fingertips. In this sense, a drop-down will appear in the upper part that will allow you to carry out the restoration of the equipment, the deletion of the files and the update of the operating system as long as there is one available. In short, a very convenient tool to use that will be tremendously useful at any time.

The perfect tool for Sony smartphone users

In short, if you have a smartphone on Sony’s Xperia line, Xperia Companion is a program that should not be missing from your computer because it will facilitate the task of keeping your device always up-to-date and resolving any contingency that may occur. In addition, this application will allow you to maintain direct connection with the technical team of the Japanese firm. In short, if you need a tool to keep your smartphone up to date , do not hesitate any more and download this great software on your computer.

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Download for Windows

Download for Mac OS

Download Xperia Transfer Mobile for Android

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